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Quick Launch

Registered Guest Teachers use the 'Sign In' link in the upper right hand corner of the page to access the school district sites. Type your username in the format gst\username for best results.

To become a registered Guest Teacher, contact your school district's Personnel Office or HR department.

GST BOCES Guest Teachers!

Welcome to this site which has been created especially for you.

This site allows substitute (guest) teachers to access information from the school districts they will be subbing in and teachers that they will be subbing for. To use this site you must be a registered Guest Teacher in the GST BOCES region which will provide you a network login to sign on to this site and other network resources.
To become a registered Guest Teacher, see your local school district's personnel or HR department.
Use the 'Sign In' link in the upper right hand corner to Sign In. A prompt screen will appear telling you that authentication is required. Type your network user name and password in the boxes provided for you. Make sure that your user name is in the gst\username format. (The backslash is significant. If you type a forward slash, it will fail to authenticate you.)
We hope you have a successful Guest Teaching experience!!

GST BOCES Computer Services